Be sure to check out the new TV series “Airshow” premiering tonight on the Discovery Channel at 10:00 pm. We’re very proud to supply “Super Dave” Mathieson and Team Pete McLeod Racing with caps from our 702 Headwear brand of custom headwear.
“Airshow” takes viewers behind the scenes to the most dangerous part time profession on the planet. Every year more airshow pilots are killed than in any other job in the entertainment industry. This is a business where competition is high, and pilots are forced to push their planes through severe weather and mechanical problems to get that next payday.
Congrats to the cast and crew for all of your hard work. We can’t wait to see it!

702 Headwear

Custom caps from 702 Headwear











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Foulard American Apparel

Disponible en 10 couleurs.
Construction de 100% coton jersey.
Dimensions: 93 “x 16” (236cm x 41cm).
Bords non-tissé. Pré-rétréci et blanchi pour la douceur supérieure et
retrait minimal. Composé de fil extra-fine, ce tissu a la fois un
étirement subtile et la texture délicate.
Appelez-nous pour plus d’information au 514-223-2357


American Apparel Scarf

Available in 10 colours.
100% Sheer Jersey cotton construction.
Dimensions: 93” x 16” (236cm x 41cm).
Raw edges. Pre-shrunk and laundered for superior softness and
minimal shrinkage. Comprised of extra-fine yarn, this fabric has both a
subtle stretch and delicate texture.
Call us for more information at 514-223-2357


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