Quality hats for quality guitars


Check out these custom 702 hats we did for our friends at Godin Guitars. We are proud to work with these guys because like us, they share a similar passion for crafstmanship and quality in the products they make. We’re also into playing the guitar and happen to own a few of their guitars. Godin has been building guitars in Canada for over 20 years. They build electric guitars under the Godin and Richmond brands and acoustic guitars under the Seagull, Simon & Patrick, Norman, LaPatrie and Art & Lutherie brands. If you play the guitar, try them out. They are beautiful instruments with really innovative features. They are also hand-crafted in Canada and the USA which is always a bonus.
We look forward to working with Godin Guitars for many more years and also look forward to playing more of their beautiful guitars.

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Congratulations to Organik, a customer and great friend of Parallele recently featured in the Montreal Gazette.
Organik provides health solutions to Montreal companies by offering on-site services that make health and wellness accessible in the workplace. If you want healthy and happy employees then contact Scott at Organik!

Here’s the link: http://www.montrealgazette.com/health/healthy+office+happy+office/6277747/story.html

Félicitations a Organik, un client et grand ami de Parallele qui était récemment présenté dans la Gazette de Montréal.
Organik offre des activités, ateliers et conférences sur la santé et le mieux-être en milieu corporatif. Si vous voulez des employé(e) en santé et content(e)s, appelez Scott chez Organik!

Voici le lien (en Anglais): http://www.montrealgazette.com/health/healthy+office+happy+office/6277747/story.html

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How do you generate excitement for your brand or message? It’s simple. Give out awesome stuff.
Check out these custom hats and scarves that were manufactured by our company 702 Headwear. We worked with our partners at The World Anti-Doping Agency to conceptualise these bright and colourful hats and scarves for this years Winter Youth Olympics. It’s easy to reach-out and spread the word when you’re wearing one of our custom hats or scarves.
Way to go WADA! Keep up the good work and keep on inspiring our youth to work hard and to Say No To Doping!

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Félicitations Hybride!

Here’s a beautiful award we did for our good friends at Hybride in the Laurentians. They recently celebrated their 20th anniversary. These guys are so cool. They’re offices are even cooler. They create incredible visual effects for film and television. You have seen their stuff in movies like Avatar, Predators, 300, and Sin City. We are so proud of their success and we are absolutely thrilled to be working with them.

Keep up the hard work Hybride, here’s to another 20 years of continued growth and success.!

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Cool hats for a cool company

Today we’re sending another batch of custom 702 hats to our friends at Summit Air in Yellowknife, NT. We love those guys, they have been serving the air transportation needs of the Canadian North for over 20 years.
We like to envision their pilots cruising over the Canadian Tundra while looking sharp as ever in our custom 702 caps.
Check them out here, and if you ever have the chance to make it up their way and fly on one of their planes,  say hi for us.

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Facebook page

Last but not least, our Facebook page is set up and linked to our website.  Like it or join it or whatever it is that you do to follow us there. Our blog posts will become Facebook wall posts so if you subscribe to our Blog feed and follow us on twitter, you will now also get the posts through Facebook. Maybe it’s a bit much…

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New Website. Finally…

After hours and hours of cursing and re-installing software and databases, our new website/blogsite is finally live. This is part of a new strategic shift for our company as we move into the next phase of our growth plan. Please look around and let us know what you think. It isn’t entirely finished yet, we will be tweaking it and adding content over the next few months. Keep an eye out for our blog and Twitter posts. You can subscribe to our RSS blog feed HERE. By doing so, all of our future blog posts and tweets will automatically end up in your inbox.

Big thanks to Corey Pomkoski at Dynamo for his help and insightful suggestions. You’re a good man Corey, a good man indeed.

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