Flash Drive or Memory Stick?

Flash drive, memory stick, usb stick, usb key, memory key? This popular promotional item goes by so many different names that you’d think it would be confusing. It isn’t. The fact is that most people know this product by the many different names it has been given.
But are they popular as a giveaway or a corporate gift? Absolutely. They’re popular because they work as a promotional product. Not only are they small and easily transportable, but they offer so much value relative to their price. When I’m asked about new trendy or popular promo products I always suggest these little guys because of the reasons just mentioned. And the fact that they come in so many different colours, shapes and sizes is a bonus too.
We sell a lot of these flash drives, memory sticks, usb sticks, usb keys or whatever they’re called. In fact I’m working on three different orders for them this week!